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BakPac invests in HP Indigo 200K

7 February 2024

BakPac, the flexible packaging division of independent UK label printer, Bakers, has invested in a HP Indigo 200K digital print press, becoming the first production company to do so in the UK.

Long runs, big potential

7 June 2023

Is the reality of digital flexible packaging at scale about to come to pass, asks David Pittman.

What’s in store for 2022 and more

22 December 2021

Members of the digital print for packaging value chain share their predictions, hopes and aspirations for the next year and beyond.

Bakers switches to Hybrid

28 July 2020

The UK trade printer has plans to establish seats in both labels and flexible packaging production.

Bakers bets on Bella

7 July 2020

Nanovis system being used to manually clean HP Indigo 20000 digital press parts.

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