Queen Elizabeth II: 1926-2022

9 September 2022

Whitmar Publications sends heartfelt condolences and sympathy to all affected by the tragic news of the Queen's passing.

Carel acquires Klingenburg

6 September 2022

The Klingenburg businesses are producers of a wide range of products used mainly for heat recovery in ventilation and humidification systems, adiabatic cooling and air…

State of the nations (part two)

29 August 2022

Those active across the Americas discuss where demand for digital is coming from, and what is shaping the market going forward.

Awards winners revealed

15 July 2022

The winners in the first Digital Labels & Packaging Awards competition have been revealed.

X-Rite launches eXact 2

14 June 2022

It is the fi rst spectrophotometer with video targeting for the print, ink and packaging industries,

OPINION: Thank you

24 May 2022

Editor David Pittman looks forward to hosting you all at the Digital Labels & Packaging Awards ceremony at the Kia Oval in London 23 June,…

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