Brighton, UK-based One Digital has installed a VeloBlade Volta 69+ from Vivid Laminating Technologies, as it brings die-cutting in-house and extends the company’s repertoire of printing and finishing services.

This includes enhancing its capability to produce labels and packaging, amongst many other new applications, in-house.

With 25 years of printing and finishing experience, One Digital provides both litho and digital print services. As well as printing, finishing and converting is a large component of the company’s output. Die-cutting has previously been outsourced, but the company identified an opportunity to add the VeloBlade Volta to complement both digital and shorter litho print runs and bring extra benefits to the business.

Lynn Brazier, joint managing director at One Digital, commented, ‘Outsourcing die-cutting has never created any issues for us but to stay competitive we needed a fix, and this machine has done that while also reducing our costs.’

Vivid Laminating Technologies extended its VeloBlade range of die-cutting systems last year with the addition of four Volta models, 64, 69, 64+ and 69+. The ‘+’ models have a cut depth of up to 10mm with optional oscillating tool whereas the standard Volta 64 and 69 cut up to 2mm.

Ms Brazer continued, ‘With no need for dies to be made, we can offer a faster and more flexible service. It is also a solution for some of the thicker substrates we use for large format when shapes are required.’

Having taken the time to conduct market research and directly compare the VeloBlade Volta 69+ to another system, Ms Brazier noted, ‘The VeloBlade 69+ was more robust with capacity for a larger sheet and capable of cutting thicker substrates. We found the process of enquiry to purchase very easy and were supplied full information along with a demo of the exact machine within a fully working environment. The price tag suited our budget, and the installation date was within two weeks of our decision. A good, all-round service.

‘Although the system only recently arrived, what we have produced so far has been more than acceptable. Business is down due to the pandemic, but we are confident that as we return to normal, the VeloBlade Volta will be a great asset to our business.’

Richard Marlow, sales director at Vivid Laminating Technologies, said, ‘Any VeloBlade install is an exciting project, especially when it’s a customer’s first venture into in-house digital die-cutting. At Vivid, we’re all looking forward to working with One Digital to get the most from their new system and partnering together in the future.’