Delga becomes Meliora

12 October 2021

CPOS sees UK print group rebranded under the leadership of its existing management team.

Springfield develops seamless can label

8 October 2021

Digican is a full-coverage digital label, giving the appearance of a printed can without the drawbacks of conventional can decoration print processes.

Hybrid Huddle returns

27 September 2021

Hybrid Software is set to hold its first customer facing event for over two years.

Digital delivers at Delga

20 September 2021

Digital technology has aided the UK-based print and packaging company as it continues to evolve and grow.

OPINION: Events are back(ish)

7 September 2021

Much has been written about the desire and need to get events back up and running, and this event confirmed that.

ABG joins boat race

7 September 2021

20-strong team to take part in the annual York Rotary Dragon Boat Challenge.

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