Delga Press has promoted Paul Tracey to become the chief operator of its newly installed Highcon Euclid III digital cutting and creasing machine.

Mr Tracey has worked within Delga Group for over 17 years, originally starting at CSP before moving over to Delga Press.

His experience working with Delga Press’ cutting and creasing machines made him ‘the obvious choice’ to run the Highcon, according to the company.

Mr Tracey is noted as being ‘very technically minded’ and keen to learn all about the capability of the Highcon Euclid III, which was installed by Delga Press earlier this year.

Mr Tracey said, ‘I have worked for the Delga Group for a long time and I know that they are always keeping an eye out for trends and opportunities to grow, so the introduction of the Highcon was a great idea.

‘I have been really impressed with what we have produced already. In certain areas, it is much quicker than our conventional machines. The level of intricate cutting detail really is impressive. It is certainly a very technically advanced machine and it has been a pleasure to use so far.’

Delga Labels was also introduced earlier year by Delga Group as a complementary business to Delga Press and the other group companies.

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