Printing Expo, the online platform for the global print industry, has moved to reiterate that the future of print industry events is hybrid in nature, combining in-person expos with virtual marketing activities.

Printing Expo debuted at the start of 2020 as the world went into lockdown as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. The knock-on effect was the closure of all in-person events and expos for the best part of two years. With in-person gatherings now returning in force and gathering pace – next year’s Labelexpo Europe and Printing United are good examples – the role of a platform such as Printing Expo has had to evolve. As such, Printing Expo is now actively being promoted as a ‘digital marketing asset’ to showcase a company’s profile and products, and even to complement live events, before and after the doors open and close at an exhibition centre. As an example, HP Indigo’s Digital Pouch Factory was used to launch Printing Expo, and provides an opportunity to virtually see how such a set-up can work for a converter. It is also now available in Japanese, opening the experience up to a broader pool of interested visitors.

Christopher Watson, content director at Printing-Expo, commented, ‘Live physical events will continue, perhaps in a changed format, but virtual events, conferences and webinars can sit alongside them and enhance them providing that they are of a high enough standard, engaging as well as being a fun experience.

‘The virtual world has no limits as to size, design, and experience, for marketing teams the virtual world is an unlimited design dream where they can create showrooms that would not be possible in the physical world and which can draw in visitors as well as collect their GDPR compliant contact details and visitor statistics to pass along to their sales teams, globally.’