Italian printer Etic.a has installed a Lombardi Digistar finishing press, which it is using to enhance the appearance of its output and target growth in wines and cosmetics.

Etic.a produces self-adhesive labels principally for the food, cosmetics and automotive sectors. Etic.a operates a graphics office to help customers in making the best choices in designing and producing labels.

Digistar has been developed for finishing of labels pre-printed with digital or other processes:

Flexo unit with electronical register and


Installed at its site in Pomezia near Rome, the 430mm-wide Digistar features a Bravo screen printing module and Toro hot foil unit for applying gold detailing to pre-printed labels.

Etic.a founder Gianni Olivieri said, ‘We are looking to increase our market share of higher value labels; we are referring above all to labels for wine and cosmetics. We need to view this new investment from this aspect.

‘Digistar is the machine we have been waiting for because its characteristics of productivity and quality that can make us very competitive both in terms of product quality and price in the markets we are aiming to develop.’

Mr Olivieri continued, ‘Our relationship with Lombardi started from a decisive decision following in-depth market research at the beginning of 2014, where we evaluated all the main suppliers of flexo printing machines. After seeing a Lombardi machine at work with one of its clients, we felt it was the one with the best value for money on all fronts.’