Leicestershire-based label printer Label Apeel is actively looking to grow its presence in Scotland.

Whilst Label Apeel has sought to establish a reputation for itself as a ‘go-to printer’ across the UK for premium beers, wines and spirits, since 2017 it has been working to expand its activities in Scotland by working with independent beverage brands, such as Kilchoman Distillery, Wolfburn Distillery, GlenWyvies and Glenturett.

Having now (re)recruited Michael Cronan as sales manager for Scotland, Label Apeel owner Stuart Kellock said, ‘I’m excited about growing the business and the team and working with more of the great FMCG brands, including cosmetic and homeware from across Scotland.’

This will see the printer open a dedicated site to serve Scotland, which is currently fulfilled from the Label Apeel factory in Thurmaston, Leicestershire.

Mr Cronan said, ‘The market in Scotland is fairly buoyant, especially across the drinks market. No matter what happens with the economy, I think in Scotland people will always enjoy alcoholic beverages, so there will always be a demand for great labels.’