Domino is adding a retrofit option based on its established N610i UV inkjet digital label printing technology.

The N610i-R digital retrofit module is available in four colours (CMYK) or five colours, including double white (WW+CMYK). The five-colour version allows for printing in high opacity digital white (72%) – often used as a replacement for screen printing – at 50m/min. Domino’s intelligent technology features are fully integrated within the digital retrofit module, including Actiflow, CleanCap and StitchLink. Both colour versions are available with Domino-manufactured UV90 and UV95 inksets. UV95 is suitable for many non-direct contact food packaging applications and is produced in line with Nestlé’s guidance on food packaging, EuPIA guidelines and the Swiss Ordinance for Food Packaging Inks.

Domino’s digital retrofit module has been developed for OEMs and converters looking to add digital printing technology into existing flexographic lines for hybrid printing. The newest addition to Domino’s digital printing portfolio is designed to help converters to expand the capability of their traditional presses and to give a ‘new lease of life’ to flexo presses that may have been underutilised. With the addition of digital, converters can tap into new market opportunities afforded by short-run print jobs while benefiting from reduced cost and waste, as multiple SKUs can be created with a single make-ready job to print all versions.

‘The N610i-R digital retrofit module is a simple, cost-effective solution for converters looking to experience the benefits of hybrid printing,’ explained Mike Barry, key account and OEM manager for digital printing at Domino. ‘The technology transforms existing presses into fully functional hybrid printing machines for a significantly lower cost than a brand-new hybrid printing press. It also allows for additional cost savings from using existing stocks of tools, such as plates and cylinders, and allows converters with space constraints to add new capabilities without expanding their footprint.

‘The N610i-R is the perfect solution for converters looking to expand the capabilities of their existing assets without compromising on quality. Hybrid printing with the N610i-R combines the benefits of flexo, such as brand spot colours, laminating, die-cutting, and varnishing, with the speed and flexibility of digital, allowing converters to create multiple SKUs without stopping the line.’

N610i-R launches at next week’s Labelexpo Europe 2023.

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