Komori has developed J-throne as a further addition to its digital printing portfolio.

J-throne 29 is a 29in-wide UV inkjet press for sheet-fed digital applications. Incorporating proprietary image forming technology and printing at a resolution up to 1200dpi, J-throne 29 runs a newly developed LED-curable UV inkset that can be used to print on a wide range of substrates, such as coated and uncoated paper and paperboards without pre-treating. The maximum sheet size is 585 x 750mm (23 x 29.5in). This all makes J-throne 29 suitable for packaging, commercial and speciality print applications.

By throughput, J-throne 29 is rated at 6000sph (single-sided printing), claimed as ‘the fastest printing speed in the B2+ size inkjet press class’. When printing duplex, the press can achieve 3000sph by means of a high-precision perfecting mechanism based on Komori’s well-established offset printing knowhow.

Such capabilities broaden Komori’s digital capability. Its digital press portfolio already includes the Impremia IS29s, a 29in sheet-fed UV inkjet digital printing system developed with Konica Minolta; and the Impremia NS40, a 40in sheet-fed printing system that incorporates Landa’s nanographic printing technology.

J-throne 29 will be presented by Komori at drupa 2024; register here to receive all of Digital Labels & Packaging’s output, before, during and after the returning print megashow