CGS Oris, a software company based in Hainburg, Germany, has launched Real Substrate Proof.

Developed in partnership with Mutoh, Real Substrate Proof enables production of proofs and mock-ups on the final target production substrate.

It is part of the Flex Pack solution, consisting of the Mutoh VJ-628MP printer – or the new larger hybrid version, the VJ-1629MH – together with newly developed inks and designed specifically for use with Flex Pack software (CMYK+OGBW). These water-based resin inks are characterised by their adhesion and their stretching and shrinking properties, enabling direct printing on all kinds of packaging media, including shrink films.’

‘We are very excited to bring this unique and exclusive solution to market,’ said Heiner Müller, packaging sales director, at CGS Oris. ‘One of the key challenges in the proofing of packaging designs in the past was the need to use special coated substrates not quite resembling the final stock, or to use UV inks which add a distinctive ink layer to the substrate. Worse, UV inks quite often have an offensive odour.’

‘Also, a basic prerequisite for packaging proofing is the ability to match brand and spot colours. Our brand-new ink set, specifically designed for use with Flex Pack software, include CMYK+OGBW, matching that requirement and covering nearly the complete pantone library.’

‘The inks are non-toxic, odourless, highly stretchable, and print on a variety of substrates such as extremely thin flexibles, shrink and IML film, solid carton, or corrugated board. They are heat resistant and can be over-varnished, making it suitable even for applications like printing on metal. This makes proofs not only more realistic, but also easier, faster, and cheaper to produce.’

‘Real Substrate Proof is a brand-new approach to proofing and prototyping in packaging,’ Mr Müller added. ‘It delivers best-in-class print quality in a compact footprint that fits in even the most space-constrained operations. Flex Pack software was specially designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the packaging industry. It is based on CGS Oris´ patented iterative 4D colour management technology tailored to the needs of the packaging industry. Cloud-based colour databases such as the CxF Cloud or PantoneLive, as well as brand owner proprietary colour databases, can also be integrated. Flex Pack includes integrated preflighting, soft proofing and proof certification and supports spectral colour data such as CxF/X-4.’