Elep has chosen the Screen Truepress Jet L350 SAI LM – a digital printing label press designed for food packaging. 

The company has a rich history as an envelope manufacturer, dating back to 1963. Today, with its 65 employees, it is the last industrial envelope manufacturer in Belgium. 

Elep purchased the press from Japanese supplier Screen as CEO Yves Peiffer felt it was time to ensure the company’s long-term continuity and opted for the production of self-adhesive on rolls.

Mr Peiffer said, ‘It is a different segment from envelopes but one where we can apply our know-how built up over decades.

‘We felt it was important to bring in the very latest technology. Our new printer is the very first installation of the SAI LM outside Japan. The ‘SAI’ in the printer’s name refers to the bright, high-quality colours it can print. The colours are very stable and scratch-resistant, which is appreciated by label buyers from all industries. ‘LM’ stands for the ‘low migration’ of ink particles, and the LM ink complies with key regulations in Europe for food packaging.’

With its new printing press, Elep targets small to medium print runs, including those for food producers. Given its digital technology, Elep can deliver print runs as small as 100 labels, but also rolls with several hundred thousand labels.   At 60 metres per minute, the printer can quickly reprint personalised labels on demand, allowing customers to keep smaller stocks of labels.

The latest appointment of Nadine Vanderwaeren as Elep’s business development manager for labels has seen the company grow more into digital print.

Ms Vanderwaeren said, ‘Digital printing is becoming increasingly important as customers demand more and more flexibility. Elep wants to be a true partner for its new label customers and recommend the best solution in terms of safety, sustainability and efficiency.’