UK-based inkjet label printing house Springfield Solutions has been confirmed as the first digital beta testing partner for Actega’s Ecoleaf technology.

Ecoleaf is metallisation technology for the graphic arts industry, marketed as a sustainable option for premium packaging and an alternative to hot and cold foil. It is used to embellish labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, and more. To achieve this, a trigger image is printed followed by the application of metal pigment. The pigment reacts with the trigger image to bond with it, forming a smooth surface layer with haptic qualities. This means pigment is only applied where it is needed with little to no waste, compared to traditional hot or cold foil, where any unused metal on the rolls is discarded together with the carrier film. It is estimated that Ecoleaf reduces the carbon dioxide footprint by greater than 50% compared to cold and hot foil.

For Springfield Solutions, becoming the first digital beta testing partner for the technology, ‘further solidifies our position as a world leader in the supply of digital, sustainable packaging assets.’

Matt Dass, joint managing director at Springfield Solutions, explained, ‘Ecooleaf fits our mission to be a world leader in the supply of innovative and sustainable digital packaging assets perfectly as businesses across the globe look for more environmentally friendly solutions for their packaging assets. 

‘Ecoleaf’s metallisation technology allows brands to do this without having to compromise on quality, retaining a premium look and feel. As we continue our journey to net zero, innovative solutions such as Ecoleaf will play a key part in the future of our business and how packaging is developed.’

Paolo Grasso, Actega Metal Print sales director, said, ‘Announcing our collaboration with such a forward-thinking, like-minded company makes this milestone on our Ecoleaf journey that much more inspiring and significant for all involved. Ecoleaf is designed to provide brands with the high quality and visual impact that comes from adding metallic decorations to labels and packaging, but with a smaller environmental and economic footprint. 

‘In Springfield Solutions, we have a partner that always looks for ways to offer its customers cutting-edge solutions that support their sustainability goals. These objectives align perfectly and, as such, we are confident that we are at the beginning of a very exciting alliance that will enable both companies to lead the way in the sustainable transformation of the packaging industry.’