Polysack, a manufacturer of recyclable films for flexible packaging, has confirmed Alex Baumgartner as chairman of the company’s board.

Mr Baumgartner comes to Polysack with him over 25 years of experience, including five years as CEO at Constantia Flexibles. Whilst leading the world’s third largest producer of flexible packaging, he was responsible for the R&D strategy in recyclable packaging and the company’s global transformation to 100% flexible packaging.

Polysack noted Mr Baumgartner’s industry knowledge as ‘extensive’. He himself sees the latest developments in recyclable films as a huge opportunity to accelerate transformation in the flexible packaging industry.

‘This is a really exciting time for the global flexible packaging market, as companies contemplate what a full-scale switch to recyclable materials means,’ he commented. ‘As brand owners make big changes to achieve 2025 recyclability targets, we will witness a major industry evolution worth billions of dollars to the players willing to embrace change.’

Mr Baumgartner forms part of Polysack’s response to such change, and in support of the company’s long-term growth strategy and intention to transform the flexible packaging films market. This has also seen Yaron Bar and Yair Gellis join the company, as COO and vice president, respectively. Mr Bar brings 35 years of operations experience in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, and packaging. Mr Gellis, who is now responsible for marketing and business development at Polysack, has 25 years of industry experience, most notably having headed up flexible packaging at HP Indigo.

At a time when brand owners and converters are under significant pressure to adopt more sustainable approaches, Polysack stated that it is investing in its leadership team and go-to-market strategy. Polysack CEO Yanir Aharonson said, ‘We believe the combination of our leadership team, our market-leading solutions, and our company vision positions us first and foremost to play a key role in leading this transformation.’

Mr Baumgartner concluded, ‘Polysack has excellent credentials when it comes to manufacturing high quality eco-friendly products, and working closely with customers and recycling agents to deliver circular solutions. Our Pack ‘N’ Cycle products experienced 300% CAGR in the last three years, so it’s clear that our mono-oriented polyethylene (MOPE) film is a game-changer for the industry. We are perfectly poised to take advantage of the huge opportunity to lead the way in recyclable materials.’