Global converter All4Labels has opened its new Center of Excellence (CoE) in Salerno, Italy, which will be used to foster ideas and generate knowledge for the development of sustainable products and technologies suitable for Industry 4.0.

As a global packaging partner, and an established user of digital printing technology, All4Labels stated that it is focused on fostering new ideas and knowledge among talents, customers, universities and start-ups. CoE is a new global hub for innovation that is intended to be, ‘the place where different talents can develop and share ideas and projects for Industry 4.0.’

The new hub will be an open ecosystem, designed to promote and support innovation both from inside and outside of All4Labels. AI, IoT and biomimetics will steer co-development for new interactive and functional packaging options. A further aim is to achieve a higher level of digitisation, leading to the creation of new business models that have the potential to inspire labelling and packaging sectors worldwide.

A total of €3 million a year over the next five years will be invested in R&D.

Reflecting the culture and values of All4Labels, the CoE will also focus on personal development and growth through empowering the talents of its employees. It is intended that the new physical space will be managed by a high-level scientific and technical team, which will develop patents and ensure the protection of intellectual property.

All4Labels COO Günther Weymans commented, ‘At All4Labels, mentoring and developing talents is and has always been one of our primary goals, enabling people to make a difference and be part of our DNA for success. With the CoE we want to equip and stimulate specialists to conceptualize, create and prototype the best and most sustainable packaging solutions, keeping in mind the needs of the consumer of the future.’

Consistent with the All4Labels overarching philosophy, every single action at CoE will be guided by respect for sustainability principles, such as a view to the circular economy. This includes considering different regional regulations on recycling, promoting dialogue, and sharing ideas with the entire value chain.

Mr Weymans continued, ‘We pursue excellence in everything we do, and the CoE is further evidence for that. All4Labels wants to succeed in being a pioneer in the industry, helping to boost innovation within Industry 4.0.’