Derbyshire-based Clover Chemicals has invested in a Dantex PicoColour UV inkjet digital label press.

As a chemical manufacturer, Clover Chemicals prints all its labels in-house. Being able to produce labels on demand reduces the requirement to hold large quantities of stock, and is seen as more cost-effective when producing short print runs, which allows the company to supply its customers with private labelled products with very short lead-times.

A further benefit is identified as being able to design and print a new label within a matter of hours, so enabling Clover Chemicals to service its customers more efficiently without the extended lead times created by outsourcing.

The Dantex UV inkjet digital press replaces two existing digital presses, purchased by Clover Chemicals in 2012.

‘As an all in one system, the PicoColour is perfect for our in-house needs,’ commented Clover Chemicals’ Andy Hilditch. ‘As the UV ink is scratch resistant and doesn’t require additional coating or expensive lamination, it provides excellent chemical resistance, thereby ensuring that all health & safety guidance is clear and visible at all times no matter what environment our products are stored in.

‘The team at Dantex is highly experienced in all aspects of printing machinery, inks and label design. They are a company we have confidence in working with and can see our partnership growing further in the future.’

Dantex Group CEO Ben Danon said, ‘It’s a glowing testament to Dantex and to the PicoColour press that Clover Chemicals continue to have faith in our business relationship. We were delighted that Clover’s in-house engineering team could visit our demonstration facility and see the PicoColour being put through its paces. It gave us an opportunity to discuss in detail the many upgrades to PicoColour and the Dantex Digital division since their last investment.’