US-based flexible packaging printing company ePac has announced that its first European division will be based in the Midlands, in the UK, as it expands its digital-only portfolio of sites internationally. This follows the announcement of 15 sites in the US and the investment in a further 20 HP Indigo 20000 presses last autumn, in addition to the eight that were already operational.

The new UK operation is currently open for sales, with order fulfilment handled by the group’s US locations until the plant is operational later this year.

CEO Jack Knott said, ‘Our European operations will be based on the same business model we have developed in the United States over the course of the past three years, where we have seen tremendous success.’

Focused primarily on food manufacturers and co-packers, ePac Flexible Packaging serves local, regional and national brands of all sizes. Its service model is geared towards shipment of finished pouches in three weeks or less, and rollstock in less than 10 business days. All locations are full-service manufacturing plants with pre-press, digital printing, laminating and pouch-making facilities in house.

ePac Holdings Europe will be managed by Johnny Hobeika, who has extensive experience in the flexible packaging industry in the UK and other European markets, having developed and managed manufacturing, sales and distribution centres.

Mr Hobeika said, ‘With the number of countries and languages in Europe, the volume of SKUs a brand must bring to market can be expensive and time-consuming. The advantages ePac will bring to brands will be game changing. Multi-SKU orders can be rapidly produced in the same print run without printing plates and minimal waste.’