Artur Nowaczyk next to the new IIJ installation

Polish printing house Natalii has widened its product portfolio through investing in a sophisticated print engine, the MonoPrint 352i, from Industrial Inkjet Ltd (IIJ). 

The family owned company, based in Poznan, has already increased its workload by 20% with the MonoPrint print engine which was installed as part of a €2 million investment at the end of last year. The system has been fitted on to a new Nilpeter FA-4 press at Natalii’s plant in Poland that is set for expansion in 2015.

The decision to invest in the system was made after the company had to pay a financial penalty after it was unable to complete an order worth around €1 million for 500 million labels for Polish Post because of the prohibitively high costs of the inks – up to six times more than the IIJ system – that was more than the cost of the labels.

‘It was at that point that we knew we had to find a different solution,’ said Artur Nowaczyk, vice-president of the Board. ‘Apart from increasing productivity, quality and improving capacity, the MonoPrint 352i has introduced new product features for Natalii such as changeable barcodes, variable data and personalisation – everything that is changeable during printing. The IIJ system was easy to install and we’ve had excellent back-up service and support from a company that is willing to share its expertise. The cooperation is good and MonoPrint 352i system is economic, needs very little maintenance and certainly fulfils our expectations.

‘We’re confident that with this new system we will be winning many orders, some will be worth seven-figure sums. It’s a real benefit having different print options all from the same press all in one pass: production can be flexo together with inkjet, only flexo or only inkjet. It’s amazing.’

Mr Nowaczyk added, ‘I see retrofitted presses becoming far more standard moving forward as they will definitely open new doors for business and I would have no hesitation in going this route again.’