Konica Minolta (UK) has supplied Soabar with an AccurioLabel 230 press, replacing two previous AccurioLabel 190 presses ensuring productivity while freeing up space.

Described by Konica, the AccurioLabel 230 can offer full flexibility to cater towards different types and sizes of customer jobs with a quick turnaround time. The AccurioLabel 230 is well placed to handle its short-run and quick turnaround jobs, freeing up its inkjet press for longer run work.

Robert Gallagher, production director at Soabar commented, ‘The AccurioLabel 230 perfectly addresses these requirements, fits very well with our operational needs, and illustrates exactly why we needed a combined multi-technology approach.’  

Managing director of Soabar Phil Achurch added how they were ‘still adamant’ to continue working with Konica Minolta, so the company looked towards the AccurioLabel 230 because of its multi-technology benefits. He said, ‘With its increased speed and enhanced flexibility in terms of substrates and applications, a single AccurioLabel 230 has perfectly replaced the previous pair of presses without any compromises on performance or output levels.

‘This is all delivered in a smaller physical footprint, which has obvious advantages in a production facility with finite space available.’

The AccurioLabel 230 ensures samples are quick and efficient to supply to customers, and the ability to use variable data processing has proven to be a particularly valuable, delivering versatility in jobs without unnecessarily slowing the process down. Due to this flexibility, the company is primarily using the press for chemicals and food labelling applications.

Mr Gallagher added that the AccurioLabel 230 has also ‘opened new revenue streams for Soabar,’ stating how the machines cost effective structure has been a positive for the company and will continue to be so moving forward as they look to expand.