Electronics For Imaging (EFI) have announced three new launches at drupa – the Nozomi 14000 AQ, Nozomi 12000 MP and Nozomi 17000 SD.

EFI said the Nozomi is an ecosystem combining DFE, Inks and Printers. The new launches are a product evolution from the Nozomi C18000 in 2016. Nozomi C18000 Plus in 2020, Nozomi 18000+ in 2021, Nozomi 14000 LED in 2022 and Nozomi 14000 SD in 2023.

The company said the reasons behind the product evolution were technological advances which saw exponential deliveries of key technological components, design tools, as well as programming software and cloud applications. This is in addition to learnings from the field where EFI listened to customers leads to improvements in material handling, transport, and applications.

Modular line design was another reason and the agile development of new platforms as well as providing optional ancillaries, which led into the corporate mission and values.

The innovators in high-speed industrial single-pass inkjet printing have the number one market share in corrugated packaging with over 55 Nozomi printers installed worldwide. The Nozomi whole product accounts for 22% net new business, offers ~90% uptime in maintenance and tech support, +OEE efficiency improvement in the cloud software platform and -50% in global warming potential.

Ken Hanulec, vice president of WW Marketing said at the launch event in Valencia, Spain ‘We don’t just sell a press; we sell a package’.

The average numbers of a Nozomi are 36m long, 47 tons, 7 containers, 8/9 million sqm and can produce 24/7 hours. Printing corrugated materials on an EFI Nozomi digital press also reduces global warming potential by approximately 50% when compared to analog printing technologies.

The LCA TOOL (Nozomi UV LED) can quantify and substantiate the environmental impact of EFI digital printing (GWP, Energy, Water, and Waste), enable current and prospective EFI Nozomi customers, brands, and retailers to calculate the environmental impact of print volume on EFI digital technology, as well as enable current and prospective EFI Nozomi customers, brands, and retailers to calculate the environmental impact differences of print volume between EFI digital and other printing technologies.

For the customer it can prove and quantify the reduced footprint of packaging production, help to attain sustainability goals and enhance brand reputation and competitiveness.

Trevor Bissett, managing director of Caps Cases said ‘EFI’s investment in this LCA calculator will help us quantify and communicate Scope 3 emissions reductions to the brands and retailers we serve… To have the ability to communicate this calculation and its impact provides a strong testimonial for our digital print solutions and indicates our commitment to being a sustainable manufacturer.’