eProductivity Software (ePS), a specialist in transformational technology for the packaging and print industries, has become a member in the Indonesian Corrugated Cardboard Association AKKGI, effective March 2024.

This partnership, described by ePS, marks a significant milestone in advancing innovation, sustainability, and excellence within the corrugated sector. It underscores ePS’ commitment to enhancing productivity, efficiency, and profitability in the corrugated industry, further enabling customers to thrive in competitive markets.  

With its three-decade industry foundation, ePS claimed that it’s ‘revolutionising’ packaging excellence through its robust and future-proof end-to-end ecosystem. ePS aims to empower manufacturers and foster significant growth opportunities by joining hands with AKKGI. This alliance will facilitate the sharing of technology updates and practices through a series of presentations and webinars aimed at driving innovation and excellence across the board.  

The partnership was explained by AKKGI as a ‘dynamic fusion of corrugated manufacturing with cutting-edge technology’, with ePS further adding to this point suggesting the corrugated sector stands to benefit from this collaboration, with advancements expected in board quality, increased automation, and reduced reliance on hiring skilled operators. Enhanced closed-loop corrugator process control and auditable Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting are also on the agenda, aimed at reducing waste, energy consumption, and carbon emissions.  

ePS Packaging’s offering has been stated as the ‘broadest’ in the industry said ePS, spanning Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Corrugator Closed-Loop Process Control and Quality Control Systems (QCS).

AKKGI commented on the partnership stating, ‘As eProductivity Software joins our esteemed ranks, we anticipate a transformative impact on efficiency, sustainability, and overall productivity within the sector. Together, we embark on a journey towards enhanced collaboration, streamlined processes, and heightened competitiveness in the global market. AKKGI extends its heartfelt congratulations to eProductivity Software and looks forward to a prosperous alliance that propels the corrugated industry to new heights of excellence.’