Web-to-print specialist Infigo has sought to deepen it integration with fellow software and workflow providers, in a move that ‘opens up a whole new world of revenue opportunities’ to the label industry.

That is according to Infigo’s head of global sales, Paul Bromley, who continued, ‘The label industry is one of the fastest growing areas of print, growing at a rate of 4.8% year-on-year. Which is why we’re so excited to announce our latest partnership with another labels and packaging heavyweight, Hybrid Software.’

Infigo and Hybrid have been working closely together for a while, to integrate W2P tools with workflow and pre-press systems. This work was on show in the US at Labelexpo Americas 2022 and also at the Packaging Innovations 2023 exhibition in the UK. At Packaging Innovations 2024 at the NEC in Birmingham on 21-22 February, the Connect: Hybrid integration will be demonstrated. Through this integration, data is seamlessly synced between Infigo’s storefront and the rest of the workflow, ‘helping eliminate manual touchpoints, reduce costs and increase revenue.’

The Connect: Cerm integration, debuted at Labelexpo Europe 2023, then brings together Infigo’s e-commerce and personalisation capabilities with the MIS specialists estimating, workflow and job management expertise to provide a ‘complete package’ for label converters. Such an integration will, ‘revolutionise the label printing industry and unlock new possibilities for your business with our fully integrated solution.’

Mr Bromley said, ‘Customers want to be able to order online, at any time of the day, and then receive an automated confirmation that the job has been received and when it’s likely to arrive. However, we’ve also seen a trend towards orders of smaller volumes. In short, we’ve shifted from demand of one customer ordering 100,000 copies of a product to 100,000 customers wanting a personalised version of a product. However, traditionally, it hasn’t made financial sense for label converters and printers to take on this work.

‘Through the Infigo platform, and integrations with leading partners, such as Cerm and Hybrid Software, it is not only possible to take on these jobs and fulfil them profitably but also opens up a whole new world of revenue opportunities.’

For the duration of Packaging Innovations 2024, Infigo, hybrid Software and Cerm are to open ‘The Innovation Inn’ on stand E104, where show attendees can come see these tools first-hand and share a drink.

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