Touch7 has added neon colour capability to its extended gamut printing technology, which is said to ‘transform’ the way designers, printers and manufacturers create and reproduce neon and pastel colours.

Touch7 was developed as an intuitive colon system to allow brands, designers and printers alike to utilise extended gamut printing, utilising colour separation plug-ins and colour palettes for Adobe Creative Cloud to create artwork in an extended colour gamut, without ever having to leave the creative environment. This is claimed to permit the utilisation of extended gamut printing, ‘at a fraction of the time and cost associated with doing manual processing’, and without the necessity to send files through a dedicated colour separation system. Touch7 Neon Color furthers this by allowing designers, printers and manufacturers to create and reproduce neon and pastel colours and achieve colours that were said to be ‘previously unattainable’.

Touch7 Neon Color consists of two colour systems: Touch7 Primary, with neon/fluorescent inks printed in combination with the primary press inks (CMY plus neon); and Touch7 Pure, where only the neon/fluorescent inks are printed together (no CMYK). These allow the system to create an extended colour gamut environment that enables graphic designers to access a wide range of neon and pastel colours not previously achievable using traditional CMYK printing. integrating with Adobe Creative Cloud provides automated one-click colour palettes and plugins that simplify the process of designing files for fifth colours. Consistent and accurate colour reproduction is claimed to be achievable across a variety of printing methods, including digital, offset, flexography and screen.

Richard Ainge, the developer of Touch7, commented, ‘Neon colours have long been synonymous with vibrant, attention-grabbing designs. However, reproducing these colours accurately and consistently across various media and printing processes has been a challenge for many professionals. The new Touch7 Neon Color System eliminates these difficulties, providing graphic designers and pre-press personnel with a comprehensive colour system specifically designed for neon effects.

Color-Logic is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Touch7 and Mark Geeves, the company’s sales and marketing director, said, ‘We are thrilled to bring Touch7 Neon Color to the market.

‘Neon colours are in high demand but the ability to reproduce them accurately has presented a significant challenge to design and printing professionals. With the innovative Touch7 colour system, graphic designers and printers are empowered to unleash their creativity and deliver stunning neon effects in their designs. The Touch7 Neon Color System is suitable for a wide range of industries, including graphic design, packaging, apparel, signage, and more. It offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses looking to enhance their visual communication and stand out in a crowded marketplace.’