Tetra Pak has secured the first collaboration using its Custom Printing offer, with five unique Flow Beverages water packaging designs available at select Live Nation venues across Canada.

Tetra Pak Custom Printing is a premium inkjet-based printing method that enables greater design variability, as well as smaller order sizes to be produced cost-competitively. The environmental benefits of paper-based beverage cartons can also be realised. With this option, companies can utilise promotional activations such as varied designs within a single case or limited-edition packaging collaborations to take their marketing and media mix ‘to the next level’, as Tetra Pak stated. The company has previously invested in Koenig & Bauer’s single-pass RotaJET technology.

Tetra Pak has now validated the printing process and its Custom Printing offer, with Flow Beverages, a distributor of a naturally alkaline spring water across US and Canada, the first brand to leverage this technology to create one-of-a-kind designs. This has seen more than 100 million packages produced for the campaign.

‘We are thrilled to be the first brand to market the unique Tetra Pak Custom Printing solution, which has allowed us to not only elevate the design of Flow’s cartons, but also to open up new horizons in advertising possibilities,’ commented Nicholas Reichenbach, founder and CEO at Flow. ‘The packaging provides an artful medium that speaks volumes about our commitment to quality, sustainability, and memorable experiences. This is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see more of our strategic food service and retail partners express their brand and sustainability values on pack together with us, as we continue to flow with creative ideas and shape the future of beverage carton packaging together.’

Pedro Gonçalves, marketing director in the US and Canada at Tetra Pak, said, ‘In today’s world, brands need the ability to quickly activate marketing efforts and capitalise on consumer trends. Tetra Pak Custom Printing allows brands greater agility than ever before to create impactful, unique campaigns that diversify their advertising strategies in a cost-effective way. We are proud to collaborate with Flow to bring to life five bespoke designs that will soon be available at select Live Nation Canada venues as concert attendees leave their favourite shows this fall.’

Ola Elmqvist, executive vice president, Packaging Solutions at Tetra Pak, said, ‘Digital printing opens a world of opportunities for brands looking for powerful promotional campaigns, and it is an ideal solution for start-up businesses launching a new product. By enabling crisp high-quality images and lifelike designs, it can also give products a premium look. We look forward to innovating alongside more brands to unlock untapped potential with one-of-a-kind marketing collaborations through Tetra Pak Custom Printing.’