Denver-based Lightning Labels’ two HP Indigo WS6800 presses have allowed Compass Coffee and Snake River Brewing to successfully grow their businesses.

Based in Denver and founded in 2002, Lightning Labels leverages advanced technology to, ‘quickly deliver multiple levels of personalisation, create more seamless and unified processes and ensure the customer’s vision comes to life.’ This incudes digital printing, such as two HP Indigo WS6800 presses that have been installed by the printer.

Two of its customers to have notably benefitted from these presses are Compass Coffee and Snake River Brewing. Compass Coffee is an American coffee roaster based in Washington D.C. It sought to evolve the overall look and feel of its packaging to align more closely with the brand. Snake River Brewing meanwhile is a brewery based in Jackson, Wyoming. It sought labels and stickers that accurately represented the company.

The combination of an integrated end-to-end customer experience with the two HP Indigo WS6800 digital presses enabled Lightning Labels to meet such goals and facilitate business growth. The resulting partnership between Lightning Labels and these customers have helped Compass Coffee more than doubled company sales and Snake River Brewing increase sales by 700 barrels.

Speaking on behalf of Compass coffee, production manager Chas Newman commented, ‘We’re committed to delivering the highest quality coffee to our customers and a key part of that experience includes the presentation of our products. Lightning Labels has been instrumental in helping us create beautiful, high-quality and cost-effective labels for our coffee tins, seasonal flavour syrups and coffee bags. Its consistent quality and fantastic customer service have made them a valued partner for our business.’

For Luke Bauer, sales and marketing director at Snake River Brewing, added, ‘Lightning Labels provides us with an unparalleled level of customer service that we really appreciate. The quality of the labels is of course great too, but it is the personal touch that really makes it a pleasure to work with this company.’

Matt Zeyher, president at Lightning Labels, said, ‘Our clients are our top priority. We are passionate about offering a simple, affordable and streamlined solution that empowers each of them to boost productivity and showcase the creativity of the organisation.

‘Since purchasing our HP Indigo WS6800 digital presses, we’ve been able to support customers at every part of their journey, from start to finish.’