China-based digital packaging technology company Hanway is hosting a series of technology-led showcases around the world, intended to highlight the capabilities of its high-speed, single-pass inkjet printing equipment.

Under the title ‘Hanway Single Pass, the Path of Legendary’, the global tour is hosted by HanGlory Group and Hanway Industrial and is taking place in multiple countries and regions. The tour will feature different targeted themes and demonstrations. The aim is to showcase Hanway’s high-speed digital packaging printing capabilities and expansion capacity through practical applications by the company’s global single-pass customer base.

The company added that, ‘It will further promote the widespread adoption of digital technology, demonstrate the implementation of new solutions, and explore diverse business models in collaboration with global customers, creating more profit possibilities.

The tour will span the entire year of 2023. Recent events  took place in China and Brazil. The next event takes place in Italy across 27-29 June under the theme of ‘revitalising the commercial models of fine packaging printing’. On 21 July, the Hanway global single-pass tour heads to Taiwan to address the topic of, ‘Embracing new opportunities with high-speed digital packaging.’

Further locations and dates for later in 2023 are to be confirmed in due course.

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