Switzerland-based digital can printing company NOMOQ is launching in the UK, with a vision to become ‘the leading supplier of decorated cans in small batch sizes for the beverage market.’

NOMOQ – which stands for ‘no minimum order quantity – creates high quality, fully recyclable digitally printed cans offering low production costs and quick turnaround for creative designs for all beverage brands.

The UK canned beverage industry is projected to reach over £8 billion in revenue at the end of 2023 with 22.2 million users by 2027, due to changing drinking habits post-pandemic and a desire for fully recyclable packaging.

NOMOQ CEO Peter Stein said, ‘Following large demand for fully recyclable, lightweight and shatter-proof cans from UK brands, coupled with a diverse and surging national craft beverage culture, the UK was quickly identified as an area for growth.

‘We’re excited to provide beverage producers access to high quality cans, digitally printed with millions of colours and shades with no minimum order quantity which supports tight cash flows or storage limitations.’

UK-based non-alcoholic beer brewer Brulo is to be NOMOQ’s first UK customer. The company’s co-founder James Brown said, ‘Our beer is for the modern world and therefore it needed a cutting-edge high-quality can. Design plays a key role in the experience of craft beer and that’s no different for us just because our beers are non-alcoholic. We were blown away by NOMOQ’s quality and creativity which aligned with our brand values and we can’t wait to see our relationship grow as our range develops.’

Mr Stein continued, ‘We look forward to further expanding our partnerships in the UK beverage ecosystem and meeting the innovative entrepreneurs and business leaders behind the brands, from beer to wine, cocktails, soft drinks, kombucha and water companies.’

The news of NOMOQ’s new production plant in the West Midlands opening this summer follows the news that Ardagh Metal Packaging has completed the acquisition of a majority share in NOMOQ.

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