eProductivity Software (ePS) and HP have embarked on a comprehensive project to deliver fully traceable digital label production.

This relies on bi-directional integration between the workflow software specialist’s tools and the digital press manufacturer’s ecosystem. 

Using ePS’s tools, such as Pace and MarketDirect and AutoCount 4D, combined with HP Indigo digital presses and its proprietary software such as PrintOS, integration is achieved at previously unattainable level.

Closer investigation at the recent ePS Connect 2023 user conference and industry event revealed that this starts with order acquisition, with the flexibility to process an order submitted by customers via MarketDirect as a web-to-print job or by entering the details directly into the Pace MIS ERP system, where the type of material, quantity and content file for the job can be specified. From there, the job specification is sent directly to HP PrintOS Production Pro where it is converted using a JDF/JMF workflow and produced on an HP Indigo digital press. AutoCount 4D then allows jobs to be resequenced within HP PrintOS Production Pro to align with the schedule and then communicated back through Pace after the job is complete to relieve the schedule of the job in PrintFlow. For longer runs, AutoCount 4D automatically sends real-time data directly back to Pace from HP PrintOS Production Pro, allowing  printers to monitor job progress. This then also feeds back into PrintFlow 4D so progress can be tracked against targets.

By loading inventory references in the front-end, this can be combined with feedback from AutoCount 4D to achieve full end-to-end traceability.

Whilst this development is currently focused on the label space, it is likely to be extended to other packaging verticals where ePS and HP have a shared interest through Packaging Suite and Indigo digital presses, such as flexible packaging. This is to be reliant on further developments by both HP Indigo and ePS within their respective ecosystems to account for the nature of flexible packaging production and the resulting requirements on workflow to deliver rich data and actionable insights.

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