Japanese inkjet digital printing expert Screen Graphic Solutions (Screen GA) has updated the respective product logos for its Truepress series of digital printing systems, with the aim of clarifying its product developments and systems suitable for each of the commercial and publishing, label and packaging markets.

Screen GA initially launched the Truepress Jet 520 roll-fed inkjet system in 2006. Since then, it has applied its inkjet technologies and software technologies – including workflows – to develop a wide variety of digital presses and systems adapted for specific markets. So far, the company has targeted the following three markets: label, commercial and publishing and packaging. These will now be served respectively by presses badged as Truepress Label, Truepress Jet and Truepress Pac, respectively. Truepress Jet L350UV/SAI presses have previously served the label market, with Truepress Pac 830F/520P its proposition to the burgeoning market for inkjet digital printing of flexible packaging, 

The company noted that as expectations around the capabilities of digital presses has grown in each of these markets, so the types of technologies required to serve them have likewise diversified. In response to this, Screen GA has been working to better differentiate its development of products and options for individual fields, ‘so increasing its ability to deliver new value to customers’. As part of this process, Screen GA has updated the logo designs and colours of its Truepress series of presses for the three aforementioned markets. The new designs are based on the concepts of tradition and innovation, and use traditional Japanese colour schemes with simple, refined lettering. Presses are to be shipped bearing the new logos from spring 2023.

In a statement, the company noted, ‘With this combination, Screen GA sets out to communicate its technological strength and ability to innovate to the world. These features have long been associated with companies based in its home city of Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital. Going forward, Screen GA plans to continue its development of products with market-specific branding to be better able to differentiate the solutions it can deliver to each field. It is also focused on continuing its efforts as a solution creator.

‘Through this, it can provide new value to its customers and promote further growth in its respective markets.’