Resource Label Group, a provider of pressure sensitive label, shrink sleeve and RFID/NFC technology, announced it has acquired Scentisphere – specialising in scent activation and marketing.

The company focuses on omnichannel scent marketing and activation technologies for brands to integrate into its marketing communications and packaging.

Founded in 2002 by partners James Berard and Bob Bernstein, Scentisphere offers a broad range of fragrance and flavours to help its customers drive trial, conversion and sales. The company has engineered a variety of scent sampling innovations including Scent-A-Peel, Shopping Scenter, and Experiscenter. They also offer a range of specialty inks and scent coatings marketed under Rub’nSmell, Snap’nBurst, Scratch’nSniff and Scent-A-Coat. 

Mr Berard, founder and CEO, said, ‘I am very proud of the multiple long-term relationships we have developed with our customers and industry partners over the past twenty years. Joining Resource Label Group strengthens our commitment to the industry and expands our ability to provide innovative solutions.’

Mr Bernstein, president of Scentisphere, added, ‘Scentisphere is excited for our next chapter to continue servicing our global consumer packaged goods, fine fragrance and direct mail clients. Integrating scent solutions within print marketing and promotions, point-of-sale signage, e-commerce, direct mail, and packaging with a focus on quality and service will remain omnipresent. Scentisphere will continue to empower our clients and their trusted suppliers to capitalise on scented innovations in all media.’