Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) has given its support to the Konica Minolta KM1024aSHE and KM1024aLHG-RC industrial inkjet printheads through its Ethernet platform.

For over 15 years, GIS drive electronics have provided datapath products to take advantage of key manufacturers’ printhead capability, delivering high print quality and system reliability.

The KM1024aSHE is compatible with solvent, oil, and UV inks. The KM1024aLHG-RC has recirculation at the nozzle plate ideal for high-laydown applications such as ceramics, textile, opaque white, varnish printing and materials deposition coatings. The KM1024aLHG-RC is also compatible with solvent, oil, UV, and aqueous inks.

Support for the Konica Minolta KM1024aSHE and LHG-RC printheads is achieved through the GIS HMB-DG2 Ethernet head management board, and a new GIS analogue head board (AHB), the AHB-KM-1024a, to drive each KM104aSHE or LHG-RC printhead to its full potential.

The GIS HMB-DG2 / AHB-KM-1024a configuration has a flexible design and can drive up to two times KM1024aSHE or LHG-RC printheads. It comes with an option to add up to two stackable daughter boards to support up to six printhead connections and multiple HMBs scaled to support larger systems.

The HMB-DG2 includes print data management, waveform control and printhead diagnostics, all accessed over Ethernet. The GIS datapath hardware is complemented by Atlas software offering optional RIP, VDP and Image Quality (IQ) tools.