Sihl has developed the first inkjet film based on 90% PCR, 7054 Picofilm CPr-50 gloss IHG1.

7054 Picofilm CPr-50 gloss IHG1 is a transparent facestock film for the production of product labels. The front side has a glossy coating for variable information printing with water-based inkjet, and is suitable for both dye and pigment inks.

The product has the same mechanical properties, so it is easy to process – just like non-PCR grades (7858/7852) – while offering identical benefits, such ss fast drying, high colour brilliance, sharp-edged prints, and water resistance. The total weight of this film has also been reduced.

The lower weight and compatibility with print-on-demand applications sees Sihl cite 7054 Picofilm CPr-50 gloss IHG1 as, ‘another step towards a ‘green’ range.’ The company has an active ESG strategy creating products and solutions that make the best possible use of available resources.