Global confectionery company Mondelez has partnered with HP Indigo and the HP Brands Innovation platform to launch a new campaign for its Milka chocolate brand, giving consumers the chance to disconnect and take a break from their daily routines.

This has seen the ‘Color Your Break’ campaign introduced across Belgium, with boxes of Milka Leo decorated in animated designs from 12 artists who have created over 280 designs and stories that are printed on 12-pack boxes of milk and white chocolate Milka Leo bars. The designs however are only half coloured in, with the idea that consumers will take a break from their daily routines and finish the colouring. This, it is claimed by Mondelez, ‘is giving consumers the opportunity to disconnect from reality and add some colour to their breaks.’

In addition, Mondelez has launched a dedicated website,, which provides a platform for consumers to co-create their own designs. Via the website, consumers can customise their own versions of the artists’ original designs which will be collected and later printed onto one of nearly three million boxes of Milka Leo. There are already close to 200 consumer co-create designs, which are set to be printed and distributed across Belgium from April until December 2022. 

German PSP Pfäffle GmbH Verpackungswerk is using its HP Indigo 30000 digital press to print the folding carton boxes.

For Mondelez, the ‘Color Your Break’ campaign is the continuation of a long-standing relationship with digital and HP in particular. Of note is the Oreo campaign in the US from a few years ago.

Moreover, this is the second campaign for Milka within the last 12 months, as in November 2021 the ‘Say it With Milka’ campaign saw 120 gestures of kindness printed on gift boxes of Milka pralines.

Penny Thomas, design operations manager, EU at Mondelez, said, ‘Following the success of the ‘Say it with Milka’ campaign, it was only natural to continue our partnership with the HP Brands Innovation platform and take the next step in our digital print journey. The opportunities that the Milka ‘Color Your Break’ campaign presents for consumer engagement are huge, and I can’t wait to watch the campaign grow over time, as more and more consumers co-create their own designs.’

Leo is Milka’s biggest selling brand in Belgium, and Jose Gorbea, global head of brands, agencies and sustainability innovation at HP, said, ‘I’ve loved seeing Milka Leo’s campaign come to life, and it’s brilliant to see how HP Indigo and Milka have empowered consumers to take a break via the power of customised packaging.’

‘Color Your Break’ was also made possible by HP’s SmartStream Designer software, with HP’s personalisation design-to-print tool enabling Mondelez to print its numerous design variations and bring its envisioned end product to life.

Mr Gorbea continued, ‘HP started its personalisation journey over 10 years ago and since then has dug deeper into this megatrend, learning that co-creation can create a one-of-a-kind experience for consumers, all whilst driving the second most effective marketing ROI.’