Viking Label & Packaging has boosted its ability to serve a broader section of the market after installing a CEI BossJet hybrid press.

Powered by Domino’s inkjet digital printing hardware, the hybrid press has allowed the Minnesota, US-based printer to expand its label printing capabilities. Its customer base is located throughout the US as well as Canada, and is active in the food and beverage, automotive, and health and beauty markets.

As Viking Label & Packaging has continued to grow, the company realised the benefits that digital provides, and saw an opportunity to take its business to the next level.

Kim Larson, president of Viking Label & Packaging, commented, ‘When Viking first entered the digital market, we had essentially an entry-level roll-to-roll digital press. When the time came for us to upgrade, we did our due diligence in testing the multiple platforms that are out there and at the end of the day, Domino rose to the top with the quality of print, ease of use, and service, along with our familiarity of CEI and its equipment.’

The CEI BossJet installed by Viking Label & Packaging has a 40in unwind, dual-sided web cleaner, corona unit, three UV flexo stations located either side of the inkjet engine that itself is configured with two white channels, CMYK, and orange and violet. Following that comes lamination, die-cutting, matrix removal, cutting, and rewinding. These elements are controlled by one operator using two monitors.

Steve Engen, Viking Label & Packaging CEO, added, ‘When we started looking at the CEI BossJet, we were at a position where we wanted to take that next step with digital. The CEI BossJet gave us that opportunity to run jobs in a single pass, to turn jobs faster, and the sheer volume of work has significantly impacted our profits on that machine. It really was a win-win.’

This hybrid press has provided Viking Label & Packaging not only increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability, but also has enabled it to expand into other sectors, while helping brand owner customers stand out from the competition.

Mr Larson said, ‘The CEI BossJet, powered by Domino, has allowed us to enter markets that we would not previously have been able to enter. This hybrid press combines the digital components of the colours and variable data with the flexo ability to decorate, be it cold foil, or tactile varnishing, or pattern varnishing.

‘Things like that are providing that shelf appeal that all brand owners are in search of. I really think it outperforms expectations.’