German speciality paper manufacturer Mitsubishi HiTec Paper has developed Jetscript GS 1062, a coated premium inkjet paper available as a facestock material for sophisticated, personalised label applications.

The 95g/sqm paper has a homogeneous semi-glossy surface and achieves high visual gloss. The special coated ink receiving layer not only enables ‘excellent’ colour reproduction as well as very good colour brilliance, a high colour density is achievable, even with dark shades. Printouts in photorealistic print quality are possible with Jetscript GS 1062, according to Mitsubishi HiTec Paper.

Jetscript GS 1062 can be printed with all common dye and pigment inks and is suitable for HP Indigo, and is suitable for self-adhesive labelling applications. This brand-new inkjet paper is available certified according to FSC Mix or PEFC.

Noted applications for Jetscript GS 1062 include logistics, packaging, food and non-food, beverages, and promotion.