Xeikon has developed VariOne as a new variable data generation tool for its X-800 digital front-end.

This integrated software can immediately generate and print unique creative designs, based on an image or on vector graphics, in endless complex patterns. VariOne has been developed and designed to add value and benefit brand owners, designers, illustrators, printers, converters, and consumers.

Despite consumers being willing to pay a premium for personalised goods, and often on the lookout for products that uniquely express their personality and that can be shared on social media, Xeikon noted that differentiating products to meet consumer demand is a continuous challenge for brand owners.

With Xeikon’s VariOne, personalised image creation can be fully automated within the printing process. The software functionality achieves random selections from zero to millions. This variable data application offers endless uses and endless variations. What sets this innovation apart is the immediacy of the process. VariOne can immediately process, format and print unique creative designs featuring variable patterns with random elements and the widest gamut of colour combinations. Unique designs can be created on the fly and in minutes in a variety of unique patterns. This new innovation is a breakthrough and a complete game changer. VariOne creates completely unique designs, which can be driven by a database or randomly created from bitmap or vector-based images, so creating new and unusual designs in millions of shapes, styles and surreal effects.

In addition, VariOne can be used as a tool to add an extra layer of security to labels and packaging. Images and text, and hidden techniques to track and trace items such as unique patterns and images, hidden codes and guilloches, are key components of a brand’s anticounterfeiting efforts, and can be created using VariOne.

Jeroen Van Bauwel, director, product management at Xeikon, explained, ‘Print is becoming more customised and valuable. With VariOne, Xeikon has taken a significant leap forward in its research and development and now offers completely new horizons for differentiation. With VariOne it is possible to create thousands of unique and individual clips from a base design.

‘With our new integrated variable data solution built into Xeikon’s digital front-end, the possibilities for producing unique images are limitless on both our dry toner and inkjet presses. The Xeikon strategy is to extend the capabilities of its X-800 workflow even further and expand the range of possible applications.’

He concluded, ‘Xeikon is taking mass customisation to new levels with an explosion of creativity, which will add value for everyone in the supply chain in a million ways. Xeikon’s VariOne has taken a complicated prepress process and made it immediately fast and flexible.’

VariOne will be commercially available as an option for systems running X-800 version 7.0 or higher.