MIS specialist Cerm has extended the capability of its software to more of the packaging industry, with the introduction of a complete and scalable end-to-end option for converters in the folding carton and rigid boxes business.

This new offering is said to increase the productivity of packaging converters owing to a focus on the technical packaging production process and the specific interfaces to partners within this branch of the printing industry. Cerm’s new Packaging software provides detailed instructions to streamline every step of packaging production. It contains, for example, additional software modules for complete support of the shape design and nested imposition, two important elements in packaging production, and both seamlessly integrated with Esko’s ArtiosCAD.

Cerm managing director Geert Van Damme commented, ‘Ever since the very beginning of Cerm, we have developed our MIS to be industry-specific to meet the special demands of industrial printshops. We have a product-oriented approach since, unlike commercial print, the majority of sales orders in the packaging industry are recurrent in nature. And because the products and the production of labels and packaging are different, it’s only logical that this leads to two specialised technical solutions within the same software.’

Watch a video introducing CERM MIS for folding cartons and rigid boxes below.

Peter Heyse, head of production management and software development at Cerm, said, ‘This new software is built on 35 years of MIS experience in the printing business, but now focused on sheet-fed and web packaging production.

‘Although this solution is in line with the successful labels software that Cerm has delivered for more than 20 years, this new concept for packaging opens a new window of opportunity for our labels and packaging users.’