Global Graphics Software has joined the OPC Foundation, the organisation responsible for the development and maintenance of the Open Platform Communications (OPC) Industrial Interoperability Standard. 

Global Graphics Software is a developer of award-winning components used in digital printing systems which are increasingly part of connected processes in smart factories where printing is part of the manufacturing process. OPC UA is the interoperability standard for the secure and reliable exchange of data in the industrial automation space, and in other industries. It is platform independent and ensures the seamless flow of information among devices from multiple vendors.

Eric Worrall, vice president of products and customer success at Global Graphics Software commented, ‘OPC UA will allow us a standard way to communicate with devices within the production line such as PLCs. It will also allow us to communicate up to Scada and HMIs controlling full production process, not just the printing subsystem. Collecting the data and providing historical analysis will enable innovations like predictive maintenance. 

‘We will work with component suppliers to add OPC UA interfaces to electronic components in the print system to allow plug and play integration. We also have versions of our RIP technologies that can be run on Arm platforms and aimed at the Internet of Things. Adding OPC UA connectivity to these IOT solutions will allow standard connectivity and the strong security required for IOT.’

Stefan Hoppe, president and executive director of the OPC Foundation, commented, ‘The OPC Foundation warmly welcomes Global Graphics Software as a new member of the largest ecosystem for secured industrial interoperability. OPC UA not only enables seamless secure data transport from the field to the Cloud, and back; an essential aspect is the standardisation of the information to be transported, as is true for the printing industry. We are therefore looking forward to the cooperation of the experts from Global Graphics Software.’

Global Graphics Software managing director Justin Bailey added, ‘The OPC Foundation is an 800-plus strong international community, and we look forward to becoming an active member. The function of print is changing and the OPC UA standard is already in use in industrial environments that want to add print into their processes.  Our OEM customers targeting their solutions at the industrial sector will welcome the connectivity potential that our solutions will provide.’