Karlville has introduced LM-SFT800, a new laminator that combines the benefits of thermal and solventless lamination technologies on one platform.

Targeted at the booming area of label converters entering the market for digital flexible packaging, the LM-SFT800 combination laminator allows for the creation of luxury finishes and pre-laminates, in combination with the zero cure time characteristic demand by 21st Century digital flexible packaging production.

Karlville’s existing Pack Ready Laminator uses thermal technology to provide a simple, low waste option with zero cure time and a high lamination bond strength when creating flexible packaging structures. However, it does not permit the creation of in-house pre-laminates. Solventless technology is viewed as an alternative cost friendly technology that allows fabricating of pre-laminates, although solventless lamination requires a cure time and is inherently more complex. This has made thermal lamination the go-to for many Greenfield sites and label converters. Karlville notes that combining these two technologies, ‘empowers all types of converters, big and small, to innovate and to expand their flexible packaging business into digital and short runs.’

Raul Matos, vice president of sales and marketing at Karlville, commented, ‘Our combination thermal and solventless laminator allows customers to have the best of both worlds to compete at all levels; luxury finishes and pre-lam price. For label printers entering this space, it will allow them to lower the risk of start-up as well as prepare to compete with conventional solventless dedicated converters.

‘For large multinational converters, the LM-SFT800 brings innovation as the supply chain for thermal is ample and diverse. The combination laminator allows you to be have a clear path for growth. We are really excited to bring this new combination laminator to the market as it will certainly satisfy a need within the converter community.’

Currently in beta testing for Pack Ready at a customer site, the machine operates at up to 300m/min and can process webs from 330-800mm, so making it suitable for use with output from both HP Indigo 6900 and HP Indigo 20000 digital presses. LM-SFT800 has been manufactured in partnership with Webcontrol.