The first edition of Label French Tech Expo is to take place 6-9 October, 2020 in Paris, bringing together and highlighting the expertise of MGI Digital Technology, Codimag, GIC, Serame and Smag to support and advance label and flexible packaging production.

MGI Digital Technology, Codimag, GIC, Serame and Smag have recently formed a promotional alliance, formalising their previous collaboration to respond to COVID-19. The first steps following establishing Label French Tech Club was to create a new event, with the details of Label French Tech Expo 2020 now confirmed.

The event is open to all label and flexible packaging printers and converters in France and Europe, and is described as an, ‘opportunity to meet each other and to highlight innovations to differentiate in the high added value market.’

On a technical level, Label French Tech Expo will focus on demonstrations of equipment in production environments, alongside supporting thematic workshops.

Throughout the week, attendees will meet the five French manufacturers, understand their vision of the market, the expectations of brand owners, their technological roadmap developments, and see live demonstrations of machines.

On a practical level, three daily demonstration and Q&A sessions will be dedicated to MGI, Codimag and GIC, and Smag and Serame. These three sessions will be held at three industrial manufacturing sites very close to one another in the south of Paris – MGI (Orly Fresnes), Smag (Savigny sur Orge) and Codimag (Bondoufle).

Visitors can attend the first session of the day from 10am starting from any site of their choice. Then, guests will be conducted in private shuttle to the second site and the third site for further presentations and workshops. Each day will end at 6pm, with each participant being taken back, by private shuttle, to the site where they began the day. The organisation of the day in separate sessions will allow to receive the guests in the ‘best health security conditions’, according to the organisers of Label French Tech Expo 2020.

A sample kit from the day’s production will be offered to each visitor upon departure. Depending on the time of day, each of the three sites of Label French Tech Expo 2020 will offer a snack, a lunch cocktail or an aperitif to visitors.