Komori has entered into an agreement with MBO Group to acquire 100% of the Germany-based post-press equipment manufacturer.

Although Komori has developed the offset printing press business as its core operation, the group is currently pushing ahead with transforming its business structure under its sixth medium-term management plan. Under this new plan, Komori aims to further strengthen business foundations it established in the course of the previous management plan. In line with the theme of ‘Improving profitability and building foundations for growth businesses’, Komori has defined key initiatives to be executed under the new plan. This includes setting its digital printing system (DPS) business ‘on a profitable track’, and secure and expand recurring income from such technology.

It is also progressing with initiatives to increase recurring income from the print engineering service provider (PESP) business, chiefly by expanding operations capable of securing stable profit from the marketing of supplies, peripheral equipment and digital printing ink, and the provision of maintenance services. The acquisition of MBO Group fits into this part of its current medium-term management plan..

MBO Group was founded in 1965 to manufacture paper folding machines, and today ‘commands a considerable market share’ in Europe, the US and elsewhere, noted Komori. MBO Group has two plants in Germany, as well as a manufacturing footprint in Portugal. It also operates local subsidiaries in the US, France and China, while maintaining collaboration with a variety of sales partners in countries around the globe. Taking full advantage of these networks, the MBO Group is currently engaged in the marketing of paper folding machines and the provision of after-sales services in more than 60 countries.        

MBO’s current portfolio includes machines for paper folding for general commercial printing and inline processing, employing a combination of paper folding machines and digital printing systems. Furthermore, Herzog+Heymann, a subsidiary of MBO Group, boasts machinery designed to perform a complex folding process that handles thin paper and requires specialised technology. In recent years, MBO Group has also launched collaboration with robot makers, resulting in the creation of labour saving systems. Another recent development has seen it take on a comprehensive database from Körber Digital in an effort to simplify the process of obsolescence management in mechanical engineering.

Through the acquisition of MBO Group, Komori expects to be able to market unique products that will support its PESP business. Specifically, the inclusion of the aforementioned operations into Komori’s business portfolio will help it introduce post-press options for commercial printing, a new field for the company. Komori is also looking to develop new options through the combination of the MBO Group’s technologies and Komori’s DPS business, offset printing presses, and other key products.

‘Komori believes that both companies are well-positioned to supplement each other,’ the company said in a statement announcing the deal. ‘Going forward, Komori will therefore strive to bring together technologies and networks possessed by both companies in the field of post-press equipment marketing. In these ways, Komori will effectively push ahead with its initiatives aimed at transforming its business structure.’