MPS, Esko and Cerm are inviting customers to join their joint ‘Performance Connected’ event on 29 and 30 January, 2020.

Elements of the event programme include live demonstrations of hybrid printing, extended gamut printing and customer case studies.

Cerm will demonstrate how its MIS connects with Esko pre-press and the MPS press, and what the advantages are in daily business. Esko will further present how value stream mapping (VSM) can benefit a label business. VSM focuses on a company’s value creation workflow, exposing waste and delays based on real numbers and insights gathered from employees, and revealing opportunities to improve productivity and throughput. VSM considers the workflow a system of steps and activities which are all connected in one way or another, helping executives to establish a long-term zero waste strategy rather than undertaking singular actions.

‘Performance Connected’ will be held at the MPS Technology & Expertise Centre in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The aim of the seminar is to show visitors how to improve their performance by 30% the companies claim, by increasing productivity and business efficiency.

MPS CEO Atze Bosma said, ‘We are living in a world that is constantly changing. In the printing industry, there is a world of opportunities when it comes to connectivity and data-driven service. We are keen to show our customers how to improve their business by 30% with some very easy steps.’

Ken Polspoel, global solutions manager at Esko, said, ‘VSM forces you to think holistically. There’s no point in creating islands of success in a sea of waste.’

‘Performance Connected’ fits into MPS’s ‘Beyond the Machine’ concept; showing the processes around the printing press that offer more than a machine.

Mr Bosma continued, ‘Productivity is one of the key pillars of ‘Beyond the Machine’. We are pleased to share our expertise and advise our customers how to achieve optimal lifecycle performance and maximize production efficiency from their MPS machines. In the end, our customer’s success, is our success.’

‘Performance Connected’ is invitation-only for label and packaging printers. Invited guests are requested to RSVP with the day they would like to attend ASAP, as places are limited.