Start up tea brand Noveltea has worked with (a division of CCL Label Limited), which provided the innovative company with digitally printed labels for its new range of teas.

In spring 2017, Noveltea introduced the world’s first cold-brewed, spirit-infused tea, which can be served hot, cold or as a key cocktail ingredient. Based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, entrepreneurs Vincent Efferoth and Lukas Passia, seen earlier this year presenting the concept on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, set out to popularise a new beverage category – alcoholic tea. 

The company initially launched The Tale of Earl Grey, which combines classic Earl Grey tea with British gin and The Tale of Tangier that pairs Moroccan green mint tea with white Caribbean rum. A third blend was introduced in September this year, The Tale of Oolong, a blend of Chinese Oolong tea with Scotch whisky.

Since launch, the team has successfully raised £500,000 through crowd funding, and in just over 12 months, revenue has grown by 320%. It now exports overseas as well as being stocked in over 150 stores in the UK.

The digitally printed labels, produced by on an HP Indigo WS6800, have been designed to tell the story of the tea’s origins, coupled with a brief description on the back. Each flavour uses a different colour accent, with hot foil added for premium standout.

‘We chose digital printing as the process offers greater flexibility and that way we are not tied into the long print runs of litho,’ Mr Efferoth explained. ‘We can produce short, sharp runs as required. Printing digitally also means any revisions can be made relatively easily and without wasting thousands of older labels.’

The company is based in the UK and aims to ensure that every element is UK produced to help reduce the carbon footprint. Digital printing ties in with that philosophy helping to reduce waste.