Simon Reade, Malmesbury Labels print manager

Cirencester-based Malmesbury Labels has invested in an iTech Centra HS Digital Label System from Allen Datagraph Systems for the production of cost-effective four colour labels.

The iTech Centra HS Digital Label System is a complete digital solution that manufacturing label runs of 300-900 linear metres of roll substrate. It produces fully finished labels, in any shape without dies, fitting the needs between table top label production and full-scale production. 

The system is a combination of the iTech Centra HS Digital Label Printer with the iTech Centra HS Digital Label Finisher. The printer is an LED toner printer that creates consumer-quality labels with durable and consistent colour at 1200 dpi x 600 dpi, at speeds up to 9.1 metres per minute. The label finisher is a high-speed roll-to-roll digital finishing system that lets users laminate, die-less cut, strip the waste matrix and slit custom labels in one production pass.

‘We have been running the Centra HS for three months. It turns around multicolour work very quickly, and can cut any shape or size,’ said Howard Burr, managing director. ‘A lot of the jobs we produce on the Centra HS are much more viable than our only other option: flexo. Normally we would have to take artwork and send it to the platemaker. Now, we get the artwork, add dielines, and we’re good to go. 

‘We are dealing with smaller brand owners who want to see labels that meet their expectations. Some are industrial; some sell foods and beverages. The Centra HS has the ability to produce a variety of labels without a huge ‘inventory’ commitment from our clients. A good example is the small preserves and chutney companies we work with. If, the next time they produce their jam, the ingredients change slightly, they have to alter the ingredient text on the label. They don’t want to be tied with 3,000 labels. That’s the beauty of the Centra HS system.’