In his leader from the March/April 2021 issue of Digital Labels & Packaging, editor David Pittman asks, ‘is this issue a sign of things to come?’

As you flick through the pages of the latest issue of Digital Labels & Packaging, you will no doubt be pleased to see the great content and comments we are able to bring you at this time in history, which is both challenging and exciting for the industry.

Inkjet digital printing and all its associated considerations are central to the thrust of this issue. As well as that, we cover converters making ground-breaking investments to take their activities over the top, alongside a deep dive into the strategies and successes of those serving craft industries, from beers and spirits, to sweets and snacks. In my opinion, these and more represent particularly strong content to help the industry move onto even greater things. You’ll also see a wealth of suppliers and OEMs, both new and old, using the pages of Digital Labels& Packaging to market themselves and their wares to the industry, and build strong partnerships to drive future prosperity for all in the supply chain.

Pardon me for this brief moment of self-congratulation, as us B2B media types tend not to be that good at blowing our own trumpets. At a time when others might be facing hardships, I am delighted and humbled to be the custodian of a magazine serving such a fast-moving and dynamic market as digital package printing. Long may it continue.

That’s not to say we’re resting on our laurels. Planning is already underway for the May/June issue, as it is for our summer/autumn issues, when the excitement that would have been felt at Labelexpo Europe and other events in the Autumn show calendar will instead be brought to you through the pages of Digital Labels & Packaging.

This issue also sees Digital Print for Brand Success brought back to the fore as it gets set to return later in 2021. Read on for more, but suffice to say anticipation is already building for the event, and personally I am very much looking forward to welcoming my peers, colleagues and friends into a safe and secure environment where we can reconvene and meaningfully reconnect.

As ever, Digital Labels & Packaging, Rachael Nikolaj and I are on hand to help the industry grow and come out the other side of Covid-19 bigger, better and bolder. Find us here and on LinkedIn, and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

This Editor’s Perspective was first published in the March/April 2021 issue of Digital Labels & Packaging, which you can read online here; register here to receive the magazine, for free