Editor David Pittman looks forward to seeing digital labels and packaging generate much-needed green shoots of recovery for the print industry in a post-pandemic world.

Spring has sprung, meteorologically speaking in the Northern Hemisphere, and I hope we’re all looking forward to a future full of opportunities and prosperity.

‘Spring cleaning’ is a term often spoken about at this time of the year. If you’re anything like me, the last 12 months has seen your inbox become crammed with webinar notifications and marketing bumpf. Spring is also a great time to get back out into the garden and prepare the ground for future growth and vibrancy.

Mixing metaphors, I shall be cleaning up my inbox and pruning out the ‘dead wood’ in an effort to promote new opportunities for growth (as I did with my roses yesterday). To promote such growth, you’ll need to make sure to still feed and nourish.

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I also wrote in the first issue of the year about how 2021 is looking likely to be an annus mirabilis for many, following the annus horribilis that was 2020. Spring cleaning, pruning out the dead wood, and whichever other metaphor you want to throw into the mix, are going to be a great help in taking you and your business to new heights, and establishing a digital package printing industry that is bigger, better and bolder than what went before the onset of Covid-19.

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