Together with Konica Minolta, Digital Labels & Packaging gathered a group of label printers and packaging consultants to discuss the implementation of digital print technology and the challenges it brings.

The theme of the roundtable discussion was driving growth with digital and it was clear that the event was most welcomed by the label printers who were keen to compare notes and talk about the issues they have in the daily running of their businesses. Topics debated included the experience of investing in digital and making it work, lack of integration with finishing equipment, problems with materials, ensuring a good return on investment and engaging with customers.


Tom Allum, chairman, Abbey Labels
Ian Woodhead, managing director, Anglia Labels
Ben Stokes, managing director, Bristol Labels
Stuart Kellock, managing director, Label Apeel
Adrian Steele, managing director, Mercian Labels
Simon Tolley, sales manager digital, Soabar 
Neil Shackleton, founder, Medoola
Kevin Laughton, packaging consultant, Impackt


It's good to talk

Taking the leap

How and when did you decide to invest in a digital press?
Stuart Kellock: 
As for any small business, it is about finding the ‘jumping on point’; the point where your work becomes too painful to do conventionally and it warrants investing in digital. Until you get to that pain point, there is no point. That is how we got to it, and it was the right decision at the right time. We were very fortunate, because nobody tells you when that is – you’ve got to use your best judgement, and it is a scary old leap, as everyone in this room will recognise.

Tom Allum: For a long time, digital was either very expensive or the quality wasn’t there, so when the two finally crossed, which for us was about five or six years ago, we decided to jump in. You have to set your own parameters and also make sure that you have the customers; that you are in the right market. 


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