Saudi Arabian textbook printing specialist National Printing & Packaging Co (NPPC) is enhancing the production power of a Koenig & Bauer Compacta C408 Koenig & Bauer with a dedicated investment programme.

NPPC, having invested in two Compacta C408s, installed in 2002 and 2013 respectively, has invested in a real stand for its 2002 press as part of its future proofing project. The next step is the retrofit of the PLC (programmable logic controller) and control technology that aims to significantly increase the productivity, efficiency, and reliability of NPPC’s press.

Mansour Al-Sanie, CEO of NPPC, explains, ‘Thanks to our long-standing partnership with Koenig & Bauer we expect these operational enhancements to optimise our performance and further increase market competitiveness.’

Michael Holzapfel, Koenig & Bauer’s digital and webfed service manager, said, ‘We are very pleased to be able to support NPPC with modernised printing technology that enables it to innovate its production to better meet the demands of its clients.

‘It demonstrates Koenig & Bauer’s commitment to supporting the long-term growth and success of its clients long after the initial investment has been made. It also demonstrates how research and development considers all operational demands and helps companies elevated their offerings in a number of cost-efficient ways.’