Durst Group has installed a 510mm-wide RSCi inkjet digital label press at India’s Mold-Tek Packaging, focused on manufacturing in-mould labels (IML).

Established in 1986, Mold-Tek has been stated to have approximately 25% of India’s market share, with over 2000 employees, 10 production plants, and a fleet of over 150 injection machines. Specialising in manufacturing injection-moulded containers for various uses, Mold-Tek is known for its solutions in paint and lube pails.

Mold-Tek covers its own moulds and dies, robots, design studio, and in-mould labels (IML) through both analogue and digital printing.

Recognising the need for digital printing for IML, Mold-Tek partnered with Durst Group and Newgen Printronics, official partner for Durst Group in India.

The objectives of the partnership was to provide, just-in-time/print on demand solutions, short and medium runs, variable data printing, versatility and agility and waste and energy reduction.

In response, Durst Group has provided the RSCi with priming and varnishing stations. The first flexo unit was equipped with UV and hot air dryers, offering ‘versatility’ in coatings based on the end application.

Navigating the technical complexities of IML has been said to present challenges in material handling, tension control, drying and curing parameters, construction resistance, and static load throughout the production process. However, close collaboration among Mold-Tek, Newgen Printronics and Durst by itself has proved ‘crucial’ in overcoming these challenges and ensuring project success.

While additional challenges persist, the commitment of Mold-Tek, Newgen Printronics India, and Durst, supported by partners such as Schober Technologies, Actega, Michelman, and Jindal-Treofan, is explained to reinforce confidence in continued success and innovation in the field.