Sun Chemical has implemented ‘unavoidable’ selected freight surcharges, as a consequence of the Red Sea crisis, to ensure continued supply to its customers.

Against the backdrop of geopolitical instabilities, maritime transportation through the Suez Canal and Red Sea has been impacted since November 2023. With around 30% of the world’s container trade shipped via this route, many shipments have faced delays.

Vessels departing from China, India, and the rest of the far East have been affected by safety measures, shipments delays, rotation of containers, as well as ports’ congestion, causing journey extensions of at least 20 days on the outward and 20 days on their return. Sun Chemical stated that the situation so far has caused cost increases and may soon impact the availability of raw materials.

As a result, the company has responded to the situation imposing freight supercharges to ensure continued supply of products and services to its customers by reducing transportation delays.

Sun Chemical will look to continue communicating specific adjustments directly with its customers, to navigate the challenges posed by the Red Sea crisis.